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Statue of Moses - Notre Dame campus

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Topic Artists/Sculptors
Image Source Photo by Wayne Harsh
Image Notes This statue is located in front of Hesburgh Library at the University of Notre Dame. Michelangelo was one of the first to show the horns on the head of Moses. It is thought he relied on Jerome's Vulgate translation of the Old Testament. In this commonly available version, the "rays of light" that were seen around Moses' face after his meeting with God on Mount Sinai were expressed as horns. The statue is by the Croatian sculpture, Joseph Turkalj. He was an assistant to the well-known Ivan Meštrović, a Professor at Notre Dame from 1957 to 1962. From website listed below.
Time Period 20th Century
Image Date June 2005
Keywords Notre Dame

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Historical Background Joseph Tukralj was born in 1924 in Croatia. Already in his childhood he showed an interest in sculpting. Being the son of a carpenter gave him the opportunity to carve wooden figures at an early age. As a twelve-year old he helped to repair an old wooden statue of an angel by carving new wings. He received his higher education at The Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb. After graduation he studied in Rome where he got a Masters degree in 1954.

His talents and works were noticed by Ivan Meštrović and he offered the young Joseph a position as his assistant at the University of Notre Dame. He worked with Meštrović until his death in 1962 and then continued to teach there for three more years.

He produced numerous works that are found throughout the United States.

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