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Tippecanoe Place

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Topic Architecture - Tippecanoe
Image Source Photo By Wayne Harsh
Image Notes Tippecanoe Place, costing nearly a quarter of a million dollars, was named after a famous battle site in the war of 1812 in which William Henry Harrison was the commanding officer. Located at 620 West Washington St., South Bend, Indiana.
Time Period Gilded Age - 1876 - 1889
Image Date September 2004
Keywords Architecture
Clement Studebaker

Additional Information & Sources

Historical Background Tippecanoe Place, built in 1886 for Clement Studebaker, reflected the strong influence of Henry R. Cobb, a Chicago architect. The house incorporated the Romanesque style which showcased indestructibility, stability and defiance.

Tippecanoe Place was originally gas lit and not electrified until later. On October 9, 1889, fire struck and the house was engulfed in flames. After the fire the stone walls remained intact as well as parts of the interior. Everything else was damaged by water and smoke.
Members of the Studebaker family continued to live in the house until 1933 at which time, due to bankruptcy, the estate was sold. After serving as the local Red Cross headquarters during World War II, in 1947 E. M. Morris purchased the home and presented it to the city as a school for handicapped children. After 23 years, it eventually was given to Southold Restorations, and in 1979 it was sold to Continental Restaurant Systems. As of 2011, Tippecanoe Place was owned by Kristi Matteoni.

From articles in the Local History Clipping File including
"Changing of the Guard" - 1979
"Pan American Congress on Visit to Tippecanoe Place" in 1889
"Morris Offers to Buy House for Crippled" - 1941

For more information see the book title and website below.
Books & Videos "Tippecanoe Place" by Joan Romine. Published 1972.

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