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Pierre Navarre Log Cabin

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Topic Indiana History
Image Source Photo by Wayne Harsh
Image Notes Pierre’s old cabin became a cow barn. For many years South Bend nearly forgot its founder. In 1900 the Navarre cabin was given to the Northern Indiana Historical Society, restored and moved to Leeper Park. The cabin fell into disrepair and was restored by the Garden Club in 1953. Every spring it is the site of Cabin Days for school children to learn about pioneer ways such as candle-dipping, cooking over a wood fire, weaving, hunting, etc. This log cabin is an example of a typical pioneer cabin.
Time Period National Period - 1800 - 1859
Image Date September 2004
Keywords Pierre Navarre
South Bend History

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Historical Background Pierre Navarre came to northern Indiana in 1820 as a fur trader for the American Fur Company, the business that made a fortune for its owner, John Jacob Astor. Pierre built his log cabin by the river. Alexis Coquillard came in 1823 and took over Navarre’s fur trading license. Coquillard prospered but Navarre lived like the Indians and did not take more than he needed to live. Today he would be called a conservationist.

Angelique Navarre, Pierre Navarre's wife, was given a section of St. Joseph County land in the treaties of 1828 and 1832. The 1832 treaty was at the Tippecanoe River in Fulton County. In the 1833 treaty at Chicago, Pierre Navarre got $100 for claims presented and his child got $100.

Pierre’s son Anthony was a schoolteacher at South Bend. He went west with Brigham Young in 1848, became a Mormon, and lived in Utah for 10 years.
The log cabin is the original cabin of Pierre Navarre. It is located off of Michigan St. on the east side of Leeper Park.
From an article in the Rochester Sentinel -- see website below.

Additional material can be found in newspaper articles clipped from the South Bend Tribune from 1959 to 1992. See location below.
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Newspaper Articles St. Joseph County Public Library, Local & Family History Services, Clipping File - Landmarks - Historic Houses - Individual Houses - N through Z
Websites The Navarres: From European Kings to Potawatomi Chiefs

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