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Fort St. Joseph

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Topic Fort St. Joseph
Image Source Indiana University School of Continuing Studies
Image Notes Jack Saylor used historical documents to have this sketch of Fort St. Joseph (circa 1750) computer generated. Fort site is located in the present-day town of Niles, Michigan.
Time Period Colonial - 1650 - 1764
Image Date March 1995
Keywords Fort St. Joseph
Fur Trade

Additional Information & Sources

Historical Background Fort St. Joseph was built by the French in 1691. It was a center of the important fur trade between French colonists and the Indians along the St. Joseph River. Soon the rivalry between England and France assumed great importance, culminating with the victory of the English and the capture of the Fort in 1761.

The fort burned down in 1781, only 24 hours after a Spanish expedition from St. Louis had overtaken the fort. It was never rebuilt. It was located along the St. Joseph River, south of Niles, Michigan, off of Bond St. From recent excavation it appears that the site consisted of 15 - 20 family structures plus the palisade area which contained barracks, the commandant's house, a jail and a storeroom.

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